My first Marathon a 5K run

A year back I have written a post where I talked How I was able to reverse  diabetes. I have shared my experience, and the way I walk to reverse my diabetes. In this post, I would like to share my experience on how it feels when I completed my first marathon a 5K run.

NEver Give upWhen I was a school going kid, I was having an athlete like a body, I was super active, I was playing a lots of outdoor game. In 1998 I was introduced to computers, it interest me and so I have decided to make career in IT field. Those days, in 1998, I haven’t had a mature (?) thought process so I followed what others are doing. I enrolled myself in IT course, and got my first job as a Teacher in 1999 only at NIIT and I start teaching IT. In 2006 I get offer from a fortune 500 company – Satyam. And, that is where it started all – I loose my health conciousness. Actually, it is not the work, rather, I would blame myself. I was too careless to care about my body, human machine. The life is filled with stress and that presented me lots of bad, bad thing – Obesity and Diabetes.

In early 2017, I realized that I had to fix my BMI. I have decided to start working on my health, that’s the goal. I started few exercise, but I loose focus many a time. Ultimately, I wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted myself to be. By the way, did I told you that I have a habbit of reading. And, my father is the inspiration for me for my reading habit. I have read so many articles and books about motivation but you know what motivates me? My kids. I have made a Goal, an attainable goal. And, that has helped me improve on my health goals, and reducing weight. I am 93KG now which was about 121 earlier.

Hemantgiri's first 5K Marathon

In the begining of 2018, I met one of my school mate РDevang Mistry. Who had a helath issue, he was also in obesity category. He turned into a marathon runner, past 3 years he ran every marathon we had in Surat. It inspired me a lot. This year, in Feb I set a Goal for me Рrun in a marathon, a 5K. In the Feb itself we had an announcement for Night Marathon it was scheduled for 24th Feb, rescheduled on 24th March. I register myself for 5K run. I declared that with my friends and family so that it continuously keep pinching me, run, run for your pride. I got some tips from my friend Devang Mistry.  I did my practice, and by the time, another friend of my Brijal Patel joined me.

On the day, 24th March, I was relaxed and confident that I will be able to do it successfully and I was. It was my first ever marathon, and running I stopped when I started my first job. It was almost 18 years of gap. After I finish my 5K (completed in 49.05 Minutes) I felt so awesome, it was a sense of an achievement. I am now confident that I will be able to finish 10K run as well. I have a new liking, different style of exercise – free hand, cardio and core strength. I am working on my health, more focused this time.

I hope this story will help keep your motivation, and you will also start working towards regain your health. I believe in Never give up! Do you?

photo credit: deeplifequotes Never give up. Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay strong. via photopin (license)