My first Marathon a 5K run

A year back I have written a post where I talked How I was able to reverse  diabetes. I have shared my experience, and the way I walk to reverse my diabetes. In this post, I would like to share my experience on how it feels when I completed my first marathon a 5K run.

NEver Give upWhen I was a school going kid, I was having an athlete like a body, I was super active, I was playing a lots of outdoor game. In 1998 I was introduced to computers, it interest me and so I have decided to make career in IT field. Those days, in 1998, I haven’t had a mature (?) thought process so I followed what others are doing. I enrolled myself in IT course, and got my first job as a Teacher in 1999 only at NIIT and I start teaching IT. In 2006 I get offer from a fortune 500 company – Satyam. And, that is where it started all – I loose my health conciousness. Actually, it is not the work, rather, I would blame myself. I was too careless to care about my body, human machine. The life is filled with stress and that presented me lots of bad, bad thing – Obesity and Diabetes.

In early 2017, I realized that I had to fix my BMI. I have decided to start working on my health, that’s the goal. I started few exercise, but I loose focus many a time. Ultimately, I wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted myself to be. By the way, did I told you that I have a habbit of reading. And, my father is the inspiration for me for my reading habit. I have read so many articles and books about motivation but you know what motivates me? My kids. I have made a Goal, an attainable goal. And, that has helped me improve on my health goals, and reducing weight. I am 93KG now which was about 121 earlier.

Hemantgiri's first 5K Marathon

In the begining of 2018, I met one of my school mate – Devang Mistry. Who had a helath issue, he was also in obesity category. He turned into a marathon runner, past 3 years he ran every marathon we had in Surat. It inspired me a lot. This year, in Feb I set a Goal for me – run in a marathon, a 5K. In the Feb itself we had an announcement for Night Marathon it was scheduled for 24th Feb, rescheduled on 24th March. I register myself for 5K run. I declared that with my friends and family so that it continuously keep pinching me, run, run for your pride. I got some tips from my friend Devang Mistry.  I did my practice, and by the time, another friend of my Brijal Patel joined me.

On the day, 24th March, I was relaxed and confident that I will be able to do it successfully and I was. It was my first ever marathon, and running I stopped when I started my first job. It was almost 18 years of gap. After I finish my 5K (completed in 49.05 Minutes) I felt so awesome, it was a sense of an achievement. I am now confident that I will be able to finish 10K run as well. I have a new liking, different style of exercise – free hand, cardio and core strength. I am working on my health, more focused this time.

I hope this story will help keep your motivation, and you will also start working towards regain your health. I believe in Never give up! Do you?

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How I was able to reverse diabetes

I was always wanted to posted details here on this blog, this was started back in 2009 but I get myself busy with few things that I didn’t get much chance. Anyways, without wasting much time let me go straight to the details on the first blog post. Today, I am going to talk about health and the positivity and how I get benefited.

About 4 years ago, while I was playing badminton with my father I met with an accident and got my leg fractured and was in hospital for about 10 days. As a normal procedure doctor did the blood test and found that I had a diabetes, that was the first time I knew I had diabetes. And since then, I had to control my food intake, it was really difficult for a foodie like me but I have done this with help with my best friend and wife. A lot had happen during past four years, and, about 10 months back I was diagnosed Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) in Feb 2016.

While everyone in my family is not-so-happy with my health and worried, I was confident and calm, because my blood group is B+ and I am die hard positive by nature. All I would say is, believe in God, believe in yourself and he will always be with you to help you achieve happiness in your life. I was (and I am) positive, I stayed calm and make my family believe in positiveness. Almost everything  and anything is possible if we have will, guts, confidence and above all, belief in god.

All these years my family’s happiness was at stake because of these two diseases. In February itself I have visited Advanced Diabetes Centre in Surat and get my tailored diet plan that I have followed. And, then, I started my fitness regime seriously ( I wish I could write strictly and religiously too). As a result, I am off from diabetes medicine and no more cancer virus in my body. In the February my HB1AC was 12.9 and since then, I did 3 more report and it stays below 6 which means I am normal. Doctor confirmed and took me off from medicine but advised to continue my diet plan. If I talk about the CML no more virus or blast cells in my blood report after the first time.

How this happened? Of course, I am blessed, blessed by God, my family and my well wishers, all I did is little effort to get myself towards fit and healthy. I would like to tell you what I have done so far since February 2000(I sometimes skip thing or two and though I could achieve my health, so those who are disciplined, imagine what they could do ):

  • The first thing I do in morning is having Wheat grass juice empty stomach
  • Go for walk, at least 20 minutes and do Pranayam – Kapalbhati , Bhrastika and Anulom Vilom is must
  • Tea and breakfast as we do normally, but try to avoid refined products as much as you can, and follow your dietician’s routine
  • Since my day start early, about 10~10.30 AM I am hungry again, this time my wife give me salad or soup (earlier I use to consume refined product this time)
  • I take my lunch about 12 or 12.30 PM regularly (earlier, this was not a routine)
  • A tea and snake at 4 PM
  • A walk time about 6 PM, again, 20 minutes at least or more
  • And, dinner at 8 PM. This meal, should be lighter, and try to consume before 8 PM.
  • Usually I go to bed by 10 or 10.30 PM so that I can wake up about 5.30 AM
  • And, don’t forget to spare some time for you daily, about half an hour or so, do your most favorite thing. Mine is reading, and sit in front of temple

By the way, diet doesn’t mean you need to starve, diet means you need to balance your food intake based on your metabolic and as advised by your doctor, so don’t follow what I have done, but get yours prepared by your doctor. If you want to follow, follow me for staying positive.

Disclaimer:  I am not endorsing any product or service here, what all links I have given are for reference only. And, do consult your family physician and or dietician to get your diet plan customized for you. Because, everyone is different and thus, the diet plan and health regime should be.

Thank you for reading, and do let me know your feedback in comment section below.

— Hemantgiri S. Goswami

photo credit: Yay God Ministries HaventFailedTilQuit via photopin (license)

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 has been released

Microsoft has released new and feature reach version of Network Monitor, yes!!! Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 has been released with cool new features like

  • Ability to capture WWAN (mobile broadband) and Tunnel traffic
  • Right-click-add-to-alias
  • Full Hyper-V support on Windows Server 2008
  • Right-click-add-to-alias
  • Right-click-go-to-definition
  • Autoscroll
  • Core Parser Set
  • ETL Support
  • Frame Commenting
  • Experts

Download a copy of Network Monitor 3.3 read complete details here at Network Monitor Blog

Happy Birthday GMAIL

Gmail turned 5th on the 1st April 2009, GAMIL was started in April 2004. I still remember that days when one can get it by invitation only and how crazy we are to have GMAIL account. Year after year GMAIL has so much improved and becomes like an identity for one, GMAIL has added lots of feature like GOOGLE LABS, Video Chat and Theme

All I want to say is Happy Birthday GMAIL 🙂

Cyberspies Hack Computers In 103 Countries – Technology – redOrbit

Chinese group of hackers network “Cyberspies” has hacked into the provate and government computers in 103 countries and gained access to a number of documents, this incident was reported on Saturday, Read more on
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Conficker C worm attack on april 1

I happen to read about the potential attach of internet worm “Conficker C'” which is supposed to be happen on the 1st April, this could be a prank for the April Fool Day but we should not take it easy as it may harm our systems. Its better to update windows systems with latest patch/hotfix and updated antivirus. Read complete story here